Objectives of our professions and supports:

  1. Networking and Telecommunication solution-oriented for enterprises and service providers
  2. Internet media solution: Encoder, transcoder, broadcasting platform, and terminal devices as a series of turn-key solutions for business and individuals.
  3. Software development service: To support our profession on software design and development about dynamic&static websites, mobile applications for Android & iOS devices, multimedia applications on any devices, and digital marketing utilities and applications.
  4. IPTV relative products and solutions: Over-the-Top (OTT) set top box, Google TV solutions, Android tablet/PAD, Linux-embedded set top box for IPTV and digital radio solutions, hybrid set top box with DVB bundled solutions, Goalbit Play Multimedia platform and associated high-performance solutions, and more than what you can image.
  5. Customized design, productions, and manufacturing outsourcing for OTT STBs, industrial appliances, and embedded systems.

Stations and Alliances

  1. Headquarter is located in Taipei, Taiwan; Alliance strategic partners are located in China and India.
  2. Network supports and development services in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Shanghai.


    The Solar Systems Limited is registered in both Taiwan and Hong Kong; and providing our services through the greater China region including Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. For more details and any inquiries about us, please feel free to reach us refering to this page.

    We're fulfilled with experiences and professions on integration of information technology, networking/telecommunication systems, software and hardware design, and cooperating with manufacturers supplying associated electronic equipments through the planet.