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Our professional service alliancing with strategic partners offers you to build media portals to support Internet TV (IPTV) and on-demand video distribution; state-of-the-art Digital signage system with centralized control and effective management utilities based upon high quality of content delivery technology; SHARE application to enable sharing pictures, photos, video, and live-streams through your social networks; and most population to deploy all above systems and platforms integrated with administration, front-end/back-end systems, and ERP/CRM to enrich more hospitality services for hotels and service apartments.

Internet Television, On-demand Video, and Entertainment Service Platform

Profit from your premium content. Exhibit it in an appropiate website already supplied. Charge per content, access or period of time. Stream in different qualities and technologies depending on subscription plans, popularity and such.

An administration panel is also provided, where administrators will add, edit, remove or restrict the content available at the end user's portal. They will also be able to control sales, subscription plans and payment methods.



  • Profit from you media content.
  • Reach bigger audiences.
  • Detach from technological issues.
  • Start earning today with only a credit card.

Social Network integration

Allow end users to comment, interact and notify their satisfaction with the content you offer.



Administration and Management

  • Central Platform for System Management and Administration
  • Supporting more than 150 encoders/transcoders
  • Simply configuring multiple streams and protocols
  • Integrated operating platforms with Goalbit Play, Goalbit Apps, and Goalbit MediaStore
  • On-line monitoring and media auditing
  • Available appropriate API for integration with databases and all other systems



Digital Signage


    Key Features
  • Remote Content Management
  • Easy Provisioning your contents
  • High Definition (HD) quality
  • Multiple formats of Contents (Video, Images, and web-pages)
  • Change the content on-the-fly
  • Effect Emergency Alert and Promotion
  • Reliable and Flexible scheduling of broadcasting contents
  • Available contents embedded to the customer webpages
  • Automatic content backup
  • Templates of contents stored and simply setting relationship of the contents
  • Touch-screen features
  • Media box (Android box) healthy monitoring
  • Proof of Play Reporting
  • Technical supports and assistance


Digital Signage-2


  • Increase your sales by improving the customer's knowledge about your products and services.
  • Enrich the viewer's experience with dynamic and real time advertisements.
  • Strengthen your reputation.
  • Longer stays and attention of your taget audience.

Cost-effective Signage boxes

  • Google Android OS
  • The unit cost of a box can be lower than 30 US dollars for each
  • For Management/Operation/Maintenance as easy as 123
  • Full product-lines satisfying any environments in any conditions
  • HDMI, AVI, composites interfaces are all available
  • Much more than your imagination


Live Demo of playing digital signage contents

Everything can be customized for any specific requirement

For any sales inquiries, please contact us

If you can not watch the video on Youtube, please click here to watch it on YouKu.com


Media Social Networks -- Building your own media community for sharing your life and livings

Simply Sharing video or photos anywhere and any time

Have within minutes a video portal to create freely your video community. Let community members share their content by uploading it through their web browser and social interaction tools. Multiple file upload from a single user is supported, the platform will balance the load (bandwidth and processing) between its servers. Profit is possible from advertising, premium accounts for demanding users or special content packages. Do not worry about technological issues such as video encoding configurations or scalability for dynamic amount of viewers. From the administration panels provided moderate the uploaded content by community members. Control and restrict end users actions to give and preserve the video community personality.


  • Create a video community with minimal technological effort
  • Let users chare their own content by providing web uploading capabilities
  • Grow in number of users without worrying about technological issues
  • Profit from advertising, premium accounts and special packages
  • Exposure your images and reputation on social media networks
Social Networks


  • Sharing the movie or live TV you're watching with your friends or family
  • Enjoying watching the video and/or photos with your friends and/or family together, even though they are far from your place.
  • Exposure your video or image photos on to the social networks to anyone who might probably be interested.
  • Applicable for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, and many more.
  • Lots of models can be imaged


Service Platform for Hotels and Service Apartments

What can we support your hospitality business?

  • Professional services for television systems with integrated technology
  • Converting digital and/or analog TV systems into IPTV platform
  • Building over-the-top (OTT) service platform for hotels and service apartments

    • Standard-Definition (SD) and High-definition (HD) quality of TV and video systems
    • Live broadcasting video with HD quality
    • HD and SD video archive system
    • High efficient content delivery system with cost-effective soluton
    • Security, authentication, authorization, and accounting systems for video access system
    • Digital Rights Management system
    • Integration solution with hotel's management, accounting, and administration systems
    • Android Apps and hardware Android box for OTT solutions