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Software Design and Application Development

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Embedded System Design

Motherboard Design and Manufacturing

  • Standard form factors of ATX, ITX, mini-ITX, pico-ITX, nano-ITX, EPIC, and 3.5" Intel/AMD/VIA embedded Motherboard; PC/104 module
  • System On Module (SOM): COM express, ETX, STX
  • ARM-based embedded motherboard
  • Customized industrial with higher reliability form-factors

Embedded Systems

  • Pre-installed operating system, software, and middleware
  • Specific design for applications
  • Housing and mechanical design for industrial applications
  • Applicable for video streams, encoder/transcoder, video surveillance,digital signage, video servers, industrial appliances ...etc


Industrial Appliance Design

Industrial Appliances

Digital Signage

  • Centralized control and management system
  • ARM-7/8/9/10 for client devices
  • Client software developed under Android platform
  • Turnkey solutions including control/management system, distribution platform, and user clients
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Other applications

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Network Appliance Design

Server Appliances

Multimedia Servers and Platforms

  • H264 High-Definition and Standard-Definition Encoding Server
  • Peer-to-Peer broadcasting Media Server
  • Integrated all-in-one Media Server

Internet Appliance Servers

  • Internet all-in-one appliance: including web server, email server, print server, file-sharing server, ftp server, database server (mysql), and

Internet Telephony Servers

  • Open-source SIP Server: supporting both Voice over IP and IP video conferencing features with standard SIP (session Ininitate protocol).


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